Collin's Brewhouse

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It all began back in 1833 when the Collins family first settled in Dundas Ontario from Ireland. Within 5 years, Bernard Collins both owned and operated a successful saloon along the main downtown strip and was quickly renown throughout the town as an influential businessman.

The Collins Hotel was later erected across the street in 1841 and became a focal point to the small community hosting both political and social affairs. Barneys hospitality combined with the atmosphere and elegance of the hotel made the Collins a desirable place to both stay and gather for many years. The hotel remained under the ownership of the Collins family until 1913 yet continued to house both a tavern and operate as a hotel until late 1968.

While it may not have been the oldest operating hotel in Ontario, the old Collins Hotel remains to be one of the first buildings to be erected in the town of Dundas and is still venerated as the anchor around which the downtown centre was built. In 1994, the old Collins Hotel was finally granted designation as a historical landmark under the Heritage Act of 1990.

The Collins Brewhouse is therefore the evolution of an Irishman's dream and a piece of history that refuses to be forgotten.

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